Custom Splinting in Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

Often times a custom orthosis is prescribed for both pre and post-surgical intervention. This custom fabrication is essential in providing protection and support of the injured extremity allowing for effective healing, stabilization, and positioning. Custom fabrication is often essential in achieving the desired outcome that the physician, therapist and patient are trying to achieve. It’s amazing how a properly made custom-fitted brace or splint can benefit your comfort and rehabilitation after you’ve been injured. These devices are specially designed to support or correct the function of a hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder. Custom fabricated splints can be designed to protect tendon and ligament repairs and to increase range of motion through the use of dynamic splinting.

When appropriately fitted and used, braces or splints can decrease your pain and enhance your movement. They can also increase the stability in an unstable joint and even help improve your overall quality of life by allowing you to perform necessary daily activities.

The purpose of a brace or splint is to relieve pain and protect an injury while you return to your desired function. For those who are active in sports, orthotics help tolerate their activity, by improving biomechanical performance and provide added strength.

Braces and splints are particularly effective at relieving the pain, fatigue and discomfort experienced by older adults, who may have developed arthritis in their hands and upper extremities.


Custom vs Over-The-Counter Splints

It’s not hard to walk into the nearest drugstore and find an array of over-the-counter splints that can be purchased.  While you may think you can dodge more expensive medical costs by purchasing one, it will end up causing more harm than good.  Most over-the-counter splints are created with a one-size-fits-all approach in mind. However, each person and each injury is unique, and they need customized care to achieve optimal healing.     


Purposes Of Custom Splints

Because of their nature of customization, the splints prescribed by our team can have many different uses.  Rest assured, our occupational therapists will make a full assessment of your injury before prescribing a splint that meets your specific needs perfectly.  Depending on your injury and symptoms, our custom splints can do the following:

  • Support weak muscles.
  • Minimize abnormal muscle tone.
  • Protect repaired and reconstructed joints after surgery.
  • Assist in mobilizing parts of the body plagued with scar tissue or stiff joints.
  • Reduce inflammation.      


Treatment With Custom Splints

There is no shortage to the number of injuries and conditions custom splints can be used to help treat.  Patients who visit our facility can trust that their ailments will be relieved by using the splints our occupational therapists create for them. Listed below are just some examples of what custom splints can be used to cure or manage:

  • Arthritis.
  • Nerve injuries.
  • Tendon injuries.
  • Fractures in the wrist, elbow, and fingers.
  • Nerve compressions.

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