See What Our Patients Say About Us

“On behalf of the students, faculty and staff from the Stoney Brook University Occupational Therapy Program I want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the important role you and your OT Staff play in supporting and leading in the experiential component in the OT educations process. You and your colleagues provide the education component our students need as they transition from OT Student to OT student clinician to eventually OT entry level practitioner. Although the words Thank You may appear too simplistic, please know that behind those simple words is a deep emotion of gratitude and appreciation for what you do to make our program successful. Your commitment to us and to the profession is to be lauded.”

Eva R.

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for supervising my Level IIA Fieldwork. The past twelve weeks have been a valuable, challenging and rewarding experience for my education. I have really enjoyed it, and I am excited to apply what I have learned with you to build a career as a hand therapist when I graduate next year.

Mentoring a student is probably not without difficulties and I truly appreciate your guidance and patience. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and Andrea, Julie and Brian. I know the skills I developed during this internship will help me greatly as I continue to grow my knowledge of therapeutic practices and professional reasoning abilities.

Again, I am grateful to you for allowing me this opportunity. Good luck with your new office in Rockville Center!

Lauren L., OTS

Dear Julie & Anthony,
Thank you for helping me through this one. It hasn’t always been easy or fun but your support and care have been an essential part of my recovery. I will miss you both, and all the other OT Characters as well.
PS. Thanks for always finding a chair for my boyfriend and dad!

The Other Julie

“Dear Anthony, Julie, Brian & Andrea,

Thank You for all you’ve done for me to rehab my hand. I’m feeling really good & so much improved since I started a few months ago.

You all have gone above & beyond with the care you’ve given me and always with a smile & encouragement!

Believe me, I will be back when I need to fix my right hand.

I’ll miss you guys but like I said, I‘ll Be Back!

Thank you again!”

Gina N.

“As you probably know, I am very sad to stop therapy. I have met so many wonderful people while sitting at your table, including you. I just want to Say: Your profession is a noble one and one that I have come to admire. You have given me the greatest gift by getting my hand (and, of course, my fingers) back to their full functionality. I can pick my kids up again and for that, I am eternally grateful. You were the first person to give me hope when I didn’t believe there was any. One of my favorite quotes, by Maya Angelou states: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. “ And you made me feel alive and hopeful. Thank you for making therapy not only purposeful, but also enjoyable (even thought there were times that I thought my hand was going to fall off!) If ever I should come across someone in need of therapy, I would recommend you to them one thousand times over. Thank you for all you do, from the bottom of my heart.”


“Thank you for helping me become fight hand dominant again! Your patience with all my questions, words of encouragement and care were/are so very appreciated! Without your help I definitely would not be where I am today, or back in the saddle, literally. Thank you for all that you did for me and making my experience at Occupational Therapy such a positive one.”

Christina D.

“Thanks Anthony for helping me get back on the course.”


“Thank you so much for fixing my arm. If it weren’t for you I don’t know how my recovery would have been, it means so much!”


“Just want to say Thank You for all you’ve done. See you next year.”


Dear Anthony,

“In appreciation for your encouragement and help. Thank You!

Merry Christmas & Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Your Family”


Dear Anthony,

Thank you so much for a wonderful fieldwork experience. I really appreciate the time you took to help me learn the hands on treatments. Thank you for challenging me to learn to think for myself and develop clinical reasoning for the different patients that I saw. I have learned so much from you, and my time here have given me a greater appreciation and interest in hand therapy. Thank you for being a great supervisor and helping me to gain the confidence and skills that I needed to feel ready to go out into the filed. Thank you again for everything!



Thanks for everything


You Guys are the Best!! Thank You to All My Therapist At East End

Without your hard work I don’t think the elbow would have healed as well as it did. I was cleared by my doctor and have decided to keep the hardware. Thank you for all of your hard work & making me laugh thru the whole “turkey” incident.

Jo-Ellen B.

East End Occupational Therapy