East End Occupational Therapy is a specialized hand and upper extremity rehabilitation practice that has been dedicated to providing a complete and comprehensive range of occupational therapy services to its patients. The team at East End Occupational Therapy strives to deliver the best evidence based care possible through our client centered approach.

Not only is our practice in direct contact with your physician from the initial examination through your discharge, we also work closely with your surgeon to develop an optimal plan of care with the goal of restoring your functional independence. Most of us rely on our hands routinely and it is not until we suffer an injury that we recognize the importance of our hand function when performing daily living skills.

Our Services

Occupational Therapy Long Island

Hand Therapy

Occupational Therapy Long Island

Upper Extremity Therapy

Occupational Therapy Long Island

Manual Therapy

Occupational Therapy Long Island

Custom Splinting

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Our Mission

The mission of East End Occupational Therapy is to provide our patients with compassionate and skilled therapy of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder as we tailor individualized treatment plans to help improve quality of life.

What Our Patients Say

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